Main Business Activities

Our performance

Some Successful Achievements

Case 1 canada
  A maple syrup manufacture had a plan to promote their product into Japanese market for the first time. Smooth Link supported the company with the following services.

  • 1. Organized market research on competition, price range, regulation etc.
  • 2. Made proposals on market entering with a differentiating strategy.
  • 3. Selected an appropriate distributor and followed up on sales and promotion.
Case 2 usa
  A dietary supplement manufacturer needed to improve already ongoing business in Japan through a local distributor. Smooth Link supported the company with the following.

  • 1. Examined issues by focusing present sales system, margin to the distributor, and market situation.
  • 2. Introduced an appropriate contractor to improve the product for the perfect match for Japanese market concerning local regulations.
  • 3. Now they are enjoying the business.
Case 3 australia New Zea
  A natural meat tenderizer manufacturer had a plan to launch their product in the Japanese market and needed a local company to work for them. Smooth Link successfully fulfilled the plan through the following activities.

  • 1. Organized market research to focus certain areas and participated one of major exhibitions and held a seminar.
  • 2. Interviewed several candidates and selected one with a high-level technical service capability.
Case 4 usa
  A salt replacer manufacturer wanted to start a business in Asia; especially in Japan. Smooth Link Inc. accepted their request to search the best distributor.

  • 1. Organized media coverage including the CEO interviews.
  • 2. Gave a presentation to several companies showed an interest.
  • 3. Successfully selected a right company that could also manage the business in Korea.
Ongoing Project
  Started marketing for natural honey and berries for industrial use from 2 countries in Europe.