Our Mission

The corporate logo of Smooth Link Inc. is an expression of earth and nature important to all of us. Smooth Link Inc. is dedicated to bringing joy into our customers' daily lives through life science products* that we carefully select. Keywords for our item selection are eco-friendly and traceability, and we also assist small and medium Life Science product manufacturers who values the keywords, to make their sincere products popular in markets. The entering of not well known but good quality products from overseas will surely stimulate local production positively.

Smooth Link Inc. believes that we can contribute to Japan's bright tomorrow by expanding the range of consumer choices with joy.

*Life Science products cover foods, health foods, cosmetics, pet foods, and so on.

We Care

Smooth Link Inc. ensures that we inspect manufacturers for our selected items for both wholesale and retail and prepare all necessary information on safety in order to comply with relevant regulations.

Our Service

Smooth Link Inc. works hard at building long-term relationships with our customers by providing consistent quality, personalized service of all our products. We respect your privacy by not sharing your name or any of your personal information with anyone.

Who We Are

Smooth Link was established in Feb., 2012. After the disaster of the great North Japan, the company was started after brought ideas to the table from experts of on-line sale, B2B, fermentation, flavor & fragrances, and industry media with the wish of "Power to Japan!".

The present situation, many new products of foods, health foods, cosmetics, and so on come and go very quick must be changed with products stay longer by keeping with evolution.

Our mission is to find an item, although inconspicuous, continue to be appreciated as the mainstream of the market which is quite dominated by national brands. Smooth Link Inc. spares no effort to find such products from home and abroad by using our network.

Privacy Statement

Smooth Link Inc. respects your privacy. We never give, trade or sell any of your personal information to any other company or individual for any reason. The information you give to us is private and is used only to process your order.

Your name and address will be added to our customer database in order to facilitate any future orders that you may place. We typically do not contact our customers for promotional purposes.


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