Main Business Activities

Consultation Department

Major clients are overseas Life Science product manufacturers (food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, etc.) and local Life Science product manufacturers and trade firms.

1. Advisory service on regulatory, required analysis, importing, marketing, etc. for
      overseas manufacturers
  • 1. Support in all aspects of regulatory affairs and provide your company with what is
        needed to succeed in the Japanese market.
  • 2. Confirm your product fully complies with Japanese regulations; the next step is
        labeling. A Japanese label for any food products is mandatory.
  • 3. Support you to find a business partner or a distributor.
  • 4. Assist incorporation of an enterprise.
  • 5. Advisory service on regulatory, necessary analysis, importing, market, etc.
  • 6. Searching services for contacting appropriate academia, toll manufacturers, and so on.
  • 7. Media contact.
  • 8. Support running a booth at an exhibition.
2. Support to explore the possibility of overseas business for Japanese clients
  • 1. Search and introduction to overseas manufacturers.
  • 2. The product introduction to overseas business.
  • 3. Assist business by improving communication.

Import & Export Department

Find good products from both domestic and abroad and help to put these into the market. Key words for our product selection are "Eco-friendly", "Organic", and "Proven traceability" at least. We will provide any help to comply with Japanese regulations if a product is already satisfied with these keywords.

Smooth Link is now focusing to search good products from countries in Eastern Europe region that are quite less familiar to Japanese consumers than other parts of the world.

Selected items will be sold through either wholesalers or retailers.