It is quite common to encounter a variety of barriers when doing business in other countries, and these barriers usually are coming from differences in culture, business custom, and language which are quite challenging to overcome.

Smooth Link Inc. can offer a wide range of expertise that can minimize such barriers for an overseas company planning to start a business in Japan. The expertise is our comprehensive network in the Life Science industry and accumulated knowledge learned from different cultures.

By using our network and gap minimizing capability, Smooth Link Inc. can enormously assist overseas' clients planning to start a business in Japan and equally to support Japanese clients in the Life Science industry willing to go overseas.

Many national and global brands are almost dominating the markets. However, it is beneficial to create chances for new faces, which are unspectacular but very quality conscious with competitive price, and the entry of these products to the market will nicely stimulate domestic production. When consumers have more option to choose products, a better life and economic vitalization can be expected to make Japan energetic.

Smooth Link Inc. is the link between overseas Life Science product manufactures and the market in Japan.

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